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Running a design meeting that doesn't waste time

Try to imagine a product design world where meetings are more than just mandatory; they drive collaboration and product innovation. Where every session presents an opportunity to bring together the team, fine-tune design and product visions, and drive projects forward with clear action items. In the end, rather than feeling like you wasted time, you leave with, “Well, it was a productive meeting. I look forward to the next one!”


Design is a process of getting stuck

"Whenever I’m in a room without a whiteboard I feel trapped. Perhaps this is just the way I have to think through a problem but I can’t breakdown ideas or solutions without a whiteboard or a glass window to draw on. In fact, I’d say that the most unproductive conversations I’ve had with folks is simply down to the fact that I didn’t sit them in front of a whiteboard, put a pen in their hand, and tell them to draw their argument back to me."